Social Media 3.0: We’re Living in A TikTok World

A peek inside the world of TikTok in 2020…
Approaching Social Media 3.0: truly global, immersive ecosystems

Why is TikTok Different?

  • Proprietary environment: no time or battery % visible while inside app, inability to play music through other apps while on TikTok (no distractions)
  • Low friction: one click to follow users, videos loop infinitely, simple swipe up to see new content
  • Prioritized sharing: two clicks to share internally and externally, videos can be fully downloaded
  • Content generation: duet and stitch features allow users to riff on existing content, audio can be custom uploaded, plentiful filters
Fundamentally different: TikTok is designed for complete immersion and ease of sharing content

Unprecedented Reach & Power

Monthly Social Media Usage Among U.S. Teens — Graphic via Statista, data via Piper Sandler survey of 9,800 teens (average age of 15.8) as of 3Q20.

What Does this Mean For Brands?

1. Organic Content

Worldwide trends hit differently when CEOs jump into the game: Ocean Spray unlocks a new generation (58M and counting) of cranberry juice fans

2. Paid Content

Those orthopedic shoes? Now cool again & driving record-breaking online sales, catalyzed by a TikTok smash-hit campaign

3. Sponsored Content

Dunkin x Charli: 1 custom drink, 200M unique brand impressions unlocked over a 3 month period

4. Native Content

No marketing budget, exponential growth powering community of 10K+ enthusiastic Monet users

So… What’s Next?




Consumer investor, passionate about online culture & community, positive impact

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Tasha Kim

Tasha Kim

Consumer investor, passionate about online culture & community, positive impact

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